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Hydraulic Modular Trailer

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1. What is SPMT (Self propelled modular transporter) semi trailer?

SPMT trailer have the highest loading capacities in the world. TITAN produces hydraulic modular trailer are mainly used in transporting large and heavy loads, bridge, tunnel engineering ,power engineering, petrochemical engineering and railway construction. TITAN Hydraulic platform trailer for transport oversize and over weight freights that split apart series hydraulic full trailer that can be assembled into weight from 45 tons to 2200 tons of various series.

The heavy haulers can be coupled together to increase their capacity. Hence, they can transport wide and long construction equipment. Another reason why SPMTs are widely used in construction plants is that they enable builders to increase their efficiency and reduce overall costs.

TITAN SPMT (Self-propelled modular transporter) semi trailer

150-250 tons hydraulic multi axle trailer

2. Main Features and structures of hydraulic modular trailer

- Extremely robust and durable construction, extremely high load capacity.

- Platform height is adjustable

- All wheels can be steerable

- Small turning radius, 48° steering angle with hydraulic gooseneck

- Longitudinal and lateral combination of each module are available

- All wheels steerable automatically or manually.

- Hydraulic axle suspension system adopt uneven road condition.

- Lifting cylinder make multi axle low bed trailer automatically responds tough road conditions.

- Dual-circuit hydraulic system guarantee safe work condition

modular trailer drawing

Drawing of self propelled modular transporter for sale

3. Reasons why equipment may fall from SPMT platforms

The hydraulic modular trailer stability is important when transporting heavy cargo for various reasons. Stability reduces the risks of accidents, which leads to injuries to people.

Accidents also damage the environment and the equipment or cargo in transit. Accidents create additional costs because projects are delayed. The equipment must be replaced or repaired before it can be used for construction.

Most of the accidents are caused by human error and not mechanical failure. When handlers are not properly trained, they do not load the cargo properly on the hydraulic multi axle trailer.

Each modular transporter has a maximum loading capacity. The manufacturer specifies this loading capacity. Loading hydraulic multi axle trailer with an equipment or cargo that exceeds this capacity will cause it to topple off the platform.

Another reason is loading equipment that is too tall for the platform. Tall equipment requires a wide surface to stay balanced on the road. Hence, the best way to transport such cargo is couple several SPMTs to accommodate the weight of the equipment.

Multi truck head traction and pushing transport

Multi truck head traction and pushing transport

Applications of modular trailer:

Heavy-cargo transport:

Some companies specialize in transporting heavy cargo from one destination to another. Such companies serve clients who need to transport heavy loads a few times in a year.

The manufacturers also require transport solutions to transport the fully-assembled equipment to the clients or warehouse. The goldhofer multi axle trailer can be customized to transport any cargo as long as it is well packaged.

Construction Industry

The construction of bridges, large buildings and roads also require the use of modular trailers. Big bridge segments and large girders are placed onto the modular trailers from the construction sites.

Construction companies usually have projects located in different areas. Modular hydraulic trailer help in the transportation of the already built sections to places where they will be installed and at the same time shift materials and equipment from one project to another.

self propelled modular transporter for sale

Ship Building Industry

Ships and ship sections are normally huge and bulky. You can imagine how the construction of the big ships you see transporting goods and people across seas is done.

Modular trailers become very useful in the movement of ship sections to assembly halls and the entire ship to the sea. Ships are normally very heavy weighing up to thousands of tones.

The biggest ships will need goldhofer spmt with over 200 axle lines. On some occasions, the placement of the axles is done side by side to help in carrying long and wide ship sections.

Chemical industry construction:

The chemical industry also requires special transportation goldhofer modular trailer to move heavy raw materials, equipment, and finished products.

Setting up the manufacturing sites requires the companies to transport heavy and long tubes, cylindrical tanks, and metallic beams among other parts. In most cases, the parts are purchases from other assembly companies and transported to the chemical production sites.

Hydraulic milti axle Modular Trailer

heavy equipment transport trailer

Different types of multi axle trailer steering structures:

Mechanical steering axles 

When gooseneck steering, the system will control the rods and support arm to steer the tires. This is the type to go for on economic grounds and again to enjoy a long service life.

It comes with low maintenance costs and most importantly, it is highly available.

Hydraulic steering axles

Self propelled modular transporter for sale offers a larger steering angle of up to 65°. Most importantly, it has a higher capacity compared to other options out there.

Steering Operations

The multi axles trailer has many axles even up to 10 axles. So, the multi axles Modular Trailer’s axles need to be steered by either self-steering or automatic steering. Steering without wheels causes serious wearing.

In order to minimize the tear and wear on the tires and the modular hydraulic trailer chassis stress, it is advisable to let the Modular Trailer wheels to accurately follow the towing vehicle wheels regardless of whether it is on a tractor or a lorry. 

For this to be achieved, it is normally important that successive wheel pairs take up slightly varying angles and positions under the goldhofer multi axle trailer chassis.

Conventional steering systems for trailers make use of the bogie system for steering through means where both the wheels of a pair get turned concurrently through the changing axle angle where the axle links up the wheels together.

The goldhofer multi axle trailer can get signal when gooseneck or drawbar steering, the axles will be controlled by PPU automatically, you can also use the remote control to steer all axles.

Hydraulic Modular Trailer Multi-axle-trailer Self Propelled Modular Transporter

Hydraulic used SPMT for sale

Considerations of the modular hydraulic trailer:

1. The tractor has sufficient power

The maximum driving force of the tractor wheels determined by the engine torque and transmission ratio should be greater than the driving resistance of the vehicle group;

2. The drive wheels of the tractor have sufficient adhesion.

The main determinant of adhesion is the axle load quality of the tractor, which is applied in the form of counterweight in engineering. In order to meet the basic conditions for the driving of a used SPMT for sale, the tractor should have enough weight so that the driving wheels of the tractor do not slip on the road when driving.

The selection of the tractor is considered from these two aspects. First, the maximum driving force of the wheel determined by the engine of the tractor is calculated, and then the driving resistance of the vehicle group is calculated, and compared with the maximum driving force of the wheel, if the driving resistance is greater than the maximum driving force of the wheel, The tractor's capacity is insufficient, you must replace the tractor or increase the number of tractors; if the driving resistance is less than the maximum driving force of the wheel, then check whether the driving wheel has sufficient adhesion according to the given road conditions. If the adhesion is not enough, the calculation must be Increase the counterweight, and finally check whether the tonnage of the counterweight is within the carrying capacity of the tractor. If the tonnage of the counterweight exceeds the carrying capacity of the tractor, you must still replace the tractor or increase the number of tractors. If the tonnage of the counterweight is in towing Within the carrying capacity of the used spmt for sale, a selection report is made.

Hydraulic Modular Trailer Multi-axle-trailer Self Propelled Modular Transporter

goldhofer modular trailer for sale

3. Trailer model and trailer structure

The structure of the modular hydraulic trailer is very complicated, and its longitudinal direction is very long. The main longitudinal beam is designed on the trailer to bear the load of the cargo and the supporting force of the tire, forming a beam member in material mechanics. If the cargo is too heavy-weight, the huge bending stress may easily cause the main beam of the goldhofer modular trailer to deform too much or exceed the stress limit, and the main beam of the multi axle low bed trailer may yield or even break; and the bending moment of each splicing part of the trailer body exceeds the allowable At the moment of bending, the joint of the trailer longitudinal beam will become a hidden danger.

Therefore, in the pre-selection of the Multi Axles Modular Trailer model and the pre-loading of the cargo, in order to ensure the safety of the trailer and the cargo, it is very important to check the force deformation and bending moment of the modular hydraulic trailer. Only the multi axle low bed trailer that have passed all the checks can ensure safe use.



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