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Fuel Tanker Trailer

TITAN fuel/petrol/storage/oil/diesel tanker trailer for sale


Table of Contents

Chapter 1. About TITAN fuel tanker trailer

1-1: About TITAN fuel tank trailer

1-2. TITAN fuel tanker trailer specs, capacity, dimension and drawing

1-3. Quality testing of fuel tanker semi trailer before leaving the factory

1-4. How does TITAN pack and deliver petrol tanker trailers?

1-5. Some precautions when using fuel tank trailers

1-6. Why do fuel tanker have several compartments?

1-7. TITAN semi tanker trailer feedback from Congo customer

1-8. How to choose a fuel tanker trailer?

1-9. The benefits of using airbag suspension for fuel tank semi trailer


Chapter 2. About fuel tanker trailer

2-1. What is a fuel tanker trailer?

2-2. Package and transportation of oil tanker semi trailer

2-3. What’s the bottom filling of the storage tanker trailer?

2-4. How to maintain the gas tanker trailer?

1. About TITAN fuel tank trailer

TITAN tanker trailer adopt advanced design concept. We can customized the semi tanker for sale for you according to your request.  And we TITAN offer carbon steel, stainless steel or aluminum alloy material tanker trailers. To fabric the most durable tankers, especially for Africa Market, considering the road condition. This distortion resistance, earthquake resistance and bump, make your transport safety, also beneficial.

How many Litres does a fuel tanker carry?

TITAN fuel tanker trailer can be designed in different capacities: 30 cubics fuel transport trailer, 40 cubics diesel tank trailer, 50 cubics fuel semi trailer, etc. To carry 40,000 litres, 45,000 litres, 54,000 litres, up to 90,000 litres of liquid. Our materials are different: carbon steel fuel tanker for sale, stainless steel tanker for sale, aluminum semi trailer.


Through the video below, you can learn about different types of fuel tanker semi trailers (like 3 axle fuel tanker trucks for sale, 4 axle storage tanker trailer, stainless steel tanker trailer for sale, acid tanker trailer, fuel tanker with flatbed trailer, fuel tank full trailer, milk tanker for sale)

And the oil tanker trailer for sale process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.


TITAN feature diesel fuel tank semi trailer


TITAN 3 axle 45000 liters fuel tank semi trailer


TITAN 4 axle fuel tanker trailer with airbag suspension


2. TITAN fuel tanker trailer specs, capacity, dimension and drawing

Most popular 3 axle oil tanker truck trailer

Overall dimension:11500mm * 2500mm *3550mm(the exact size depends on the final design)

Total volume(m³): 30cbm fuel transport trailers for sale

Transport:fuel, petrol, oil, gasoline tank for sale

Tank body material: carbon steel diesel tanker for sale

Axles:3 axles

Tire:12 units

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical suspension

Discharging Pipe : 2 pcs, 6m/each

King pin:90#

Landing gear:JOST

Brake system: WABCO

Accessories: One standard tool box

TITAN 3 axle fuel tanker semi trailer drawing


More Technical Parameter Drawings

4 axle fuel tanker trailer technical specification drawing

4 axle fuel tanker trailer technical specification drawing


45000 liters 5 compartments fuel tanker technical drawing

45000 liters 5 compartments fuel tanker technical drawing


draw bar monoblock trailer technical parameter drawing

draw bar monoblock trailer technical parameter drawing


3. Quality testing of fuel tanker semi trailer before leaving the factory

Gas tanker for sale water injection experiment: To ensure the high sealed of tank body and avoid the leaks oil.

Milk tanker trailer air pressure detection: To ensure that the oil and gas will not volatilize under high temperature, and to ensure the safety of the fuel transport trailers for sale while driving and parking.

After the production of the gasoline tank for sale is completed, it must be inspected in the inspection room to check whether the water tank trailer has defects and impurities, to prevent potential safety hazards.

TITAN petroleum trailers for sale factory


4. How does TITAN pack and deliver petrol tanker trailers?

Fuel tanker trucks trailer for sale usually adopt by bulk carriers or ro-ro ships. We spray wax on the petrol trailer. Cover petrol trailer with a waterproof rain cloth.

Some countries can also ship by container or frame cabinet.

TITAN gasoline tank for sale package - milk tanker trailer with waterproof rain cloth


5. Some precautions when using fuel tank trailers

Oil losses can sometimes occur due to negligence on the basic safety requirements needed for operations. With ever-more rapid technological advancements, the detection and correction of oil handling equipment can be streamlined to guarantee transportation safety. For preventing oil losses, the following is a list of measures to be taken:

1> When filling the diesel fuel trailer for sale, it is recommended to strictly control the safe capacity and loading height of the petrol tanker for sale in order to ensure that there are no oil spills or splash;

2> Filling the oil drum, care should be taken to ensure no oil leaks from the reservoir;

3> When loading and unloading oil, the remaining oil at the bottom of the tank should be sucked;

4> Used oil drums and the bottom of every barrel should be cleaned and drained;

5> In the process of cleaning the water tank trailer, the remaining oil at the bottom of the tank should be removed.


6. Why do fuel tanker have several compartments?

The efficiency principle: A fuel transport trailer with different compartment can transport different kinds of liquid at the same time. This reduces the transportation cost and saves fuel because the trips are reduced to one.

Transporting each liquid in a different petrol trailer is more expensive and inefficient. Oil tanker trailer for sale with multiple compartments can transport different grades of gasoline in one trip. A service station can receive all the products needed in just one trip.


Discharge pipes in different compartments of road fuel tankers for sale

Discharge pipes in different compartments of road fuel tankers for sale


To ensure stability: A liquid fluctuates to all directions in the tank when the semi tanker trailer is running on a slope. If the fuel tanker trucks for sale has a large capacity, the fluctuations will cause major changes in the center of mass.

This, in turn, will cause major changes of the axle load, which affect the stability of the semi trailer fuel tank price. The instability may cause the trailer to jackknife or rollover. Using a multi-compartment model reduces the changes of the axle load and hence keeps the oil trailer stable.


7. TITAN semi tanker trailer feedback from Congo customer

He came from Congo. And he was looking for a gasoline tanker semi trailer. With this purpose, he found us through our website and chose to make contact with us. After we knew his requirements and conditions, we offered several configurations for him to consider. In the end, he decided to buy a set of 3 axles fuel tanker trailer for sale and customed colors for him.

TITAN road fuel tankers for sale in south africa


8. How to choose a fuel tanker trailer?

1. Choose the right specification

Water tank trailer tank thickness - The thickness of the tank is very important. It is always recommended to use a thicker fuel transport trailers for sale, especially when transporting large amounts of fuel. The thickness of materials used in construction is an important factor in determining the service life of your palm oil tanker semi trailer.

Milk tanker trailer tank capacity - You can choose according to the storage tank capacity. This will depend on the amount of fuel you want to transport to meet your needs. If your needs are too high, choose a petroleum trailers for sale that can help you reduce the number of trips and reach the required number. Our diesel fuel trailer for sale have different capacities, 20 cubic meters, 35cbm, 40cbm, 60cbm.

Petroleum trailers for sale tank shape - There are different tank shapes. These include round, oval and rectangular.

2. Choosing between carbon steel and aluminum tanker trailer

Steel diesel fuel trailer for sale is usually a stronger construction in terms of withstanding weight compared to those of an aluminum construction. This is an important factor to note in your choice of the fuel tanker for sale you would want.

The steel option is cheaper compared to the aluminum semi trailer due to the manufacturing processes involved. It is easier to manufacture with steel than aluminum especially on welding possibilities. However, steel is easily corroded unlike aluminum.

On the other hand, aluminum offers the best fuel capacity by volume due to its light weight. The main challenge with an aluminum semi trailer is the costs due to complexities involved in welding aluminum.

However, if you are making a consideration of how much of fuel to transport at ago, then this would be the best option for you. It will increase your cost efficiencies during operations.


Choosing between carbon steel and aluminum tanker trailer

Carbon steel diesel tanker for sale and aluminum tanker trailer


3. What liquid you want to transport

Different liquids have different requirements hence the material used for building petrol, diesel and edible palm oil tanker truck trailer will be different. Different liquids have different chemical and physical characteristics that go a long way into determining the choice of truck fuel tanker trailer for sale to make.

Petrol and Diesel - Petrol tanker for sale used in the transportation of petrol and diesel are usually made of carbon steel. A carbon steel semi fuel tanks for sale is a low-cost construction and most importantly, it is easy to process.

Cooking oil - This is usually transported in an aluminum tanker trailer because it can avoid contaminating liquids. The fuel trailer for sale made of aluminum is also of a big advantage when it comes to clean-out. Again, the semi fuel tanks for sale body is completely encapsulated using insulation materials that help in minimizing the loss of heat. 

4. The price of palm oil tanker for sale

The petrol tanker price is composed of chassis price, modification price and optional equipment. Different chassis, different engines, different national exhaust emissions, different tank volumes, and different indeterminate factors make up the price of the gasoline tanker. Therefore, when choosing a tanker truck trailer, it is best for the user to communicate with the company’s sales staff and share their fuel. The truck fuel tanker request informs the sales staff that the sales staff will recommend a cheap fuel tanker trucks for sale monoblock trailer suitable for the user according to the user’s requirements.


10 sets 3 axle semi tanker for sale has finished and ready to shipment


9. The benefits of using airbag suspension for fuel tank semi trailer

In recent years, as customers have increasingly higher requirements for the stability, safety and economy of semi fuel tanks for sale, this has led to the gradual popularization of air suspension.

So oil tanker truck why choose airbag suspension? What are the advantages of air suspension?

Advantages of airbag suspension:

1. Light weight. The biggest advantage of air suspension is its light weight, which is much lighter than traditional leaf spring suspension.

2. It can be lifted. Lifting can be reflected in two aspects. One is that the axle can be lifted through air suspension, which reduces tire wear and saves fuel. The next is through the manual height valve in the air suspension system, the height of the road tanker trailer loading platform can be adjusted within a certain range, convenient for loading and unloading fuel.

3. The water tank semi trailer runs smoothly with good shock absorption performance. Compared with lightweight monoblock trailer, gas tanker trailer with air suspension are more stable. The height of the air spring can be adjusted automatically according to the conditions of the road, reducing vibration, which is beneficial to protecting the safety of the cargo.

TITAN diesel tanker trailer for sale adopt air suspension. To fabric the most durable tankers, especially for Africa Market, considering the road condition. This distortion resistance, earthquake resistance and bump, make your transport safety, also beneficial.


1. What is a fuel tanker trailer?

Fuel tanker trailer are mainly used for transport liquid and oil. The tank body is generally made of carbon steel sheet, and it can also be made of aluminum alloy fuel semi trailer, stainless steel tanker for sale, polyethylene and other materials.

The milk tanker for sale tank body has sufficient strength. There are anti-shock plates inside the diesel tank trailer. There are manholes and liquid discharge valves in the tank accessories. One of our truck fuel tanker trailer manufacturers can transport two kind of oil, it can be divided into tanks. Common tank material is carbon steel Q345, thickness is 4mm-6mm national standard steel plate.

TITAN stainless steel tanker trailer for sale


(1) What are the common types of fuel tanker trailer?

Petrol tanker trailer material: carbon steel fuel semi trailer, stainless steel tanker for sale, aluminum alloy fuel trailer for sale, pure aluminum tank, rubber-lined, rotomolded, plastic tank, glass steel tank can also be used as required

Fuel tanker trailer manufacturers body types: square, oval, round oil tanker trailer for sale.

(2) How many the tonnage and volume of the fuel tanker trailer?

Storage tanker trailer transport tonnages are 30 tons, 40 tons, 50 tons, etc. The volume of petrol tanker trailer often purchased are 30 cubic meters, 35 cubic meters, 40 cubic meters, 45 cubic meters, 50 cubic meters, 55 cubic meters, and 60 cubic meters milk tanker for sale.

(3) What can the petrol tanker trailer transport?

Diesel tank trailer mainly transport gasoline, diesel, crude oil, lubricating oil, olive oil, soybean oil, olive oil, alcohol, edible oil. Stainless steel tanker trailer for sale can also be used to transport chemical products such as sulfuric acid, hydrochloric acid, phosphoric acid and caustic soda. raw material.


If you want oil fuel tanker truck trailer capacity, specifications, dimensions for sale craigslist, welcome to contact us.


2. Package and transportation of oil tanker semi trailer

Fuel tanker trucks trailer for sale usually adopt by bulk carriers or ro-ro ships. We spray wax on the oil tanker for sale. Cover semi trailer fuel tank price with a waterproof rain cloth.

Some countries can also ship by container or frame cabinet.

TITAN diesel tanker for sale package with waterproof rain cloth


3. What’s the bottom filling of the storage tanker trailer?

(1) Bottom loading system of the storage tanker trailer

In the previous fuel tank semi trailer, we pour oil into the tank from the manhole above the semi trailer fuel tank price. Add a special oil pump at the rear of the petrol tanker trailer to realize the reverse loading and unloading of diesel.

Now, in order to improve the safety, our fuel tank trailer production has all done the bottom filling process.

What is bottom filling? Important components for bottom filling: The main components of bottom filling are exhaust gas recovery system, anti-spill system, subsea valve, European standard tank mouth, control head, SO2 socket, anti-static system, bottom canned API connector.

TITAN road fuel tankers for sale effect picture

(2) European standard aluminum alloy tank cover

Aluminum alloy european standard semi tanker for sale cover is also manhole cover. It’s usually on the top of the oil tanker for sale, the tank cover has built-in breathing and emergency exhaust functions. Our diesel trailer has oil and gas recovery valve, oil measuring hole, anti-overflow probe on the manhole cover, etc.

During the filling process of the anti-overflow sensing system, when the liquid level reaches the detection position, the sensing system will automatically alarm to stop the loading of the oil.

The built-in breathing valve keeps the internal pressure of the fuel tank trailer stable and balanced with the external pressure when transporting oil.

Its spill-proof design prevents road tanker trucks from being sealed in the event of an accident.

When the pressure of the emergency exhaust device in the oil trailer rises sharply, it will automatically open to release the pressure in the oil trailer, thereby preventing accidents and greatly improving the safety of oil transportation.

TITAN fuel tanker for sale in south africa details display


(3) Subsea valve

Subsea valve(emergency shut-off valve). Simple operation, time saving, safety and environmental protection.

Pressure-balanced subsea valve is used for multi-compartment petrol tanker price, which can carry out separate loading and unloading of different tanks. The three-way design of gas tanker for sale simplifies the pipeline, reduces the load, easy to operate, and safe and reliable.

The pneumatic shut-off valve is installed at the bottom of the water tank semi trailer tank and can be refueled. The internal pressure of the valve is small, the flow is large, and there is a cut-out groove on the flange of the valve body. If the force is too large, the gas tanker for sale body pipeline and the tank body will be automatically disconnected, and the automatic centering plunger and durable spring will still remain sealed, and the medium in the milk tanker for sale will not leak, thereby ensuring the safety of the fuel tanker for sale in south africa.

When we can’t open because there is no air source or other reasons, we can open the cylinder piston rod and open it manually.


4. How to maintain the gas tanker trailer?

In addition to the normal inspection of the braking system and the lubrication system, the gasoline tanker semi-trailer should also pay attention to the following points:

(1) Do not make the tire pressure too high.

If the tire pressure is too high, the ground contact area of the tire will be reduced. The tread wear will be severe, this will reduce the braking effect when braking. There is no doubt that this will affect driving safety; when the air pressure is too high, the tires will easily explode on bumpy roads.

However, too low tire pressure is not good. Too low tire pressure will accelerate tire wear, increase water tank semi trailer fuel consumption, and also affect driving safety and vehicle braking effect.

(2) Too much diesel or gasoline filling in diesel tanker trailer for sale. Too much diesel or gasoline can easily block the breathing valve. As a result, steam cannot be effectively eliminated, and pressure is generated inside the petrol tanker price. Valve damage has occurred.


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