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50 Ton Sidewall Cargo Trailer
50 Ton Sidewall Cargo Trailer

50 Ton Sidewall Cargo Trailer

Cargo Trailers For Sale most popular model is sidewall trailer. Click to learn more. TITAN is one of the best side wall trailer manufacturers in China.

50 Ton Sidewall Cargo Trailer Description:

Cargo Trailers For Sale adopts Q345 high strength steel for the main beam, stability and safety when operating in harsh road conditions. This makes the side wall trailer long service time, save maintenance costs and improve operating efficiency. The weight is about 1 ton lighter than the railing semi trailer of the same type and strength.

TITAN production the sideboards trailer adopts high quality material, important accessories and configuration all adopt domestic and aboard brands.

Three side walls forms: horizontal or vertical corrugated, or flat.

The height of side walls is generally 600 or 800mm, can be customized if you have special needs.

3 axles 60 tons Side Board Trailer for sale

3 axles 60 tons Side Board Trailer for sale

Railing Semi Trailer with beautiful color

Railing Semi Trailer with beautiful color



Product name:Cargo semi trailer

Overall dimension:12500mm * 2500mm *2350mm

Loading capacity : 50-60ton

Axles:3 axles

Side walls height: 800mm

Suspension:Heavy duty mechanical spring suspension

Tire:12 units

King pin:90#

Langing gear:JOST

Brake system : WABCO

Electrical system : 24V , LED lights


Knowledge about side wall trailer:

What are the reasons for the heavy direction?

1. Check if the steering assist oil is in short supply.

2. Check if the steering vertical shaft and the pressure bearing are deformed and damaged.

3. Check if the steering booster pump is abnormal. If the booster pump does not work, it will directly cause the steering to be heavy and unable to move.


Through this video, you can learn about different types of sidewall semi trailers, as well as the process, testing, packaging and customer feedback, etc.



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